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Electronic label printing scales VEDIA VDS...L


етикетиращи електронни везниетикетиращи електронни везни

label1_tnElectronic scales VEDIA VDS...L are non-automatic weighing instruments with high precision, designed and produced in the terms of applied Quality Management System ISO9001:2000 and intended for use in retailing, warehouses, open-air markets, laboratories and households. All models from the range has EC-type approval and come with a price-computing functions, number of weighing operations counting and total price to pay function which allows summing up the prices of all weighed products for one customer. The interfaces for connection with a PC and cash register, along with the built-in label printer, sufficiently expand the possibilities to operate with VDS…L scales. All scales from the range have built-in additional devices and functions such as information for the battery charge, thermometer, backlight on the display and etc. The range includes six models 3/6kg, 6/15kg and 15/30kg. The models with “P” mark are intended to set the values of transport tariffs (for courier, postal services, and others). VEDIA VDS...L range of scales was developed with the support of EU and Republic of Bulgaria; Phare Programme BG2006/018-164.05.01 - “Increasing the Competitiveness of Bulgarian Enterprises” – Phase 3.



  • High accuracy load cell;
  • Quick and precise weighing;
  • ZERO and TARE functions;
  • Software “damper” protection from vibrations and air draughts;
  • Indication for the customer, installed on convenient easily-bending tower;
  • Overload warning;
  • Memory for 4000 articles (items);
  • Keyboard: 88 function keys, 48 of which for speed selection of the most often used articles;
  • Built-in labeling barcode printer with direct thermal print with label width 56mm and print speed 75 mm/s;
  • Barcode: EAN 13, EAN 8, CODE 128 and others;
  • Automatic label printing mode;
  • Interface connection with PC and cash register - RS232 / RS485 / USB – 1 pc;
  • Ethernet - option;
  • LCD display with backlight – for the operator and for the customer;
  • Automatic price calculation;
  • Total “Price to pay” calculation for several sales;
  • Cash account reverse;
  • Operating temperature from -10оC to +40оC;
  • Built-in thermometer.

Metrological specifications:

Model VDS 3/6L
VDS 6/15L
VDS 6/15LP
VDS 15/30L
VDS 15/30LP
Accuracy class III - According to EN45501/2001
Maximum capacity
3kg / 6kg 6kg / 15kg 15kg / 30kg
Minimum load
Min1=20g (5g)
Min2=40g (10g)
Min1=40g (10g)
Min2=100g (25g)
Min1=100g (25g)
Min2=200g (50g)
Maximum substractive tare effect
-3kg -7.5kg -15kg
Number of verification scale intervals
3000 for each interval
Value of scale intervals "d"
1g / 2g
2g / 5g
5g / 10g
Verification scale interval “e”
1g / 2g
2g / 5g
5g / 10g

* - information in brackets concerns models labeled with LP

Operationg temperature: from -10Co to 40Co
Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz
Display: LCD display for the operator and for the customer
Platform size: 380mm x 275mm
Scale dimensions: 440mm (L) х 370mm (W) х 180mm (H)
Weight: 10kg

label1_tnVEDIA VDS...L label printing scalelabel2_tnVEDIA VDS...L label printing scale


етикетиращи електронни везниетикетиращи електронни везни