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ATEX scales


ATEX electronic scales
ATEX scales are suitable for use in different types of fuel and gas stations, warehouses and hazardous areas. The capacity of the scales ranges between 3 kg and 600 kg. All scales are equiped with stainless steel loading platform and approved aluminium single point load cell with protection from dust and moisture according to IP65 standards. The electronic indicator is designed and approved for use in hazardous and potentialy explosive areas.

- Zone 1 - Explosive atmospheres are likely to occur under normal operation, accasionally.

- Zone 2 - Explosive atmospheres may occur under abnormal operation and persist for a short period only.


  • Use in explosive areas;
  • Weighing in fuel and gas stations;
  • Use in hazardous production areas;
  • Use in warehouses;
  • Weighing in hazardous zones;

  • Zeroing;
  • Automatic tare;
  • Preset tare;
  • Set Point Control (optional with additional interface);
  • High resolution - x10 (optional);
  • Totalisation;
  • Hold;
  • IP65 protection;

platform_tnATEX scalesindicator_tnATEX scales

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